Thursday, July 30, 2009

Adventure #2

My view at 5.30 this morning when the alarm went off.

Whew, what a week! Not just one adventure (Sound Transit to Work) but two!!! Adventure #2 occurred last night and can be titled Sleeping Outside. It's been hot in Seattle, and really not just hot, but HOT. Never in my life, and possibly never in anyone else's life has it been this HOT in Seattle. To give you an idea, today is 93 and feels cool and balmy compared to the last two days.

On Monday I got the idea that sleeping outside might be nice. But it wasn't until yesterday and 103 degrees that I decided it was necessary implement Adventure Sleep Outside. And not only did I get to sleep outside, but magically (without paying top dollar or standing in line outside Home Depot) a fan appeared in my life. And the fan came complete with a grouchy* boy to provide free assembly.

Beds and fans.

And I'm here to say that sleeping outside rocked. There was a cool breeze with the fan. It was pretty and quiet and dreamy. I do think, however, the animals were a bit freaked. Otto spent the entire night awake, protecting his loved ones from raccoons and crows and other critters rustling in the night.

Otto and Daisy keeping watch (the tilt of Otto's ears indicates 'stressed out').

Nothing like adventures in life's mundane tasks to make life just a bit more colorful.

*Special thanks to the grouchy boy who provided the fan and assembly and became instantly ungrouchy when there was a cool breeze blowing on him.

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