Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Daisy and boot.

Daisy and boot in formation.

Otto unsure of boot.

Otto: "Why is this happening? Save me?"

So today we're going to talk about, well, nothing. So here's the deal. I have been trying without success for the last couple days to find a new blog topic. I could talk about politics or the economy, but:

a. NPR has been pledge driving, so I may not be cutting edge in my political knowledge.
b. I am sick to death of the presidential election.
c. the economy is so terrifying at the moment, who can think or talk about it, or even fathom it is really happening.

I could talk about my social life, but you don't want to hear about that. Well maybe you do, but since it only seems to oscillate from boring to stupid and back, I certainly will not be blessing the internet with those tales.

I could talk about how incredibly hard my crossfit class was tonight, but I've already talked about that way too much. Plus, the class was too complicated to explain.

Or, I guess I could talk about Otto and Daisy, but although I find them infinitely entertaining, my audience may not.

So, you may get the chance to explore all the above in the future, but at the moment I am going to talk about nothing of importance, also known as 'my new boots'.

I decided a few months ago, that for fall/winter this year I needed a pair of black boots that I could wear with the fun socks that are all the rage these days (nothing better than a good pair of socks). I have been looking endlessly and really wasn't happy with any of my choices. They needed to be flat and most importantly they needed to be calf length. I found one super extra perfect pair at Nordstrom that may have been Chanel or something, but they were $1200!! Anytime I mentioned my quest to a sales associate they proceeded to walk me around the floor showing me boots I wouldn't be caught dead in.

Well, (on the edge of your chairs yet) I found them! I had to drive the sales associate crazy trying them on about 500 times, but they're kind of exactly what I was looking for. Get this, I think I have worn them more than my clogs since I got them. Is that possible? So, this is really a happy/feel good/happily ever after story to get you through these dismal economic times.

There is one sad spot in this happy tale. I have yet to get a compliment on my boots. Okay, I got one, but it was from someone with no taste, so it doesn't count. I guess it's possible no one but me likes my boots and my crazy socks, but that's okay. Everyone else is just wrong!

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heather v keeling said...

i'm happy you found your dream boots. i have mine (camper) and am now on my second pair in four years. perhaps you could post a photo of you wearing the boots? i'm not sure that i can compliment you if i haven't actually seen you wearing them. ;)