Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just a few comments

Well, I don't really have a theme for today's blog, just a few thoughts that are running around my head. My brain seems to have rejected such pithy topics as the economy, simply because as the news seems to get worse and worse with each passing day I have lost all ability to deal. The first is less in my head than my body. Yesterday in crossfit we did a very simple work out.

5 pullups
10 push ups
15 squats

Piece of cake, except the kicker, as many times as you can in 20 minutes. For me and most of the people in the class, that was 16. The after that we did a short core workout that involved walking with very heavy weights. This was basically working out to total failure. I mean, total failure in my arms. When I finished the workout I could barely coordinate my arms enough to wash my hands. I called my mom, and the only way to hold the phone to my ear was to prop it up with my other arm. And while one may not think of cycling as an upper body workout, riding to work today was near impossible because I could hardly support my body with my arms.

What is it mom says? That which does not kill you makes you strong. My arms will either be super strong in a couple weeks, or unusable. On the plus side, extreme body pain makes it easier to avoid thinking about our economic woes.

Subject 2, FOOD. So I have been seeing a naturopathic doctor to try to get over some stomach issues I have had forever. So far I have given up wheat for two weeks. Then, separately, I have given up dairy for two weeks. That was to see if I had sensitivities to either of those foods. The results were a bit inconclusive so my doctor has decided to wage a battle to strengthen my digestive system. This involves no wheat, no dairy and no sugar for two months. In addition, I should not eat things that seem to upset my stomach - which seems to include the large number of nuts I consume at work for sustenance when trying to avoid sugar and wheat. AND I'm supposed to limit for alcohol consumption for two months. I'm wondering what's left. Every thing I can think of eating in a restaurant involves all the above. Excuse me while I delve into my hermitage for the next two weeks! And beyond no fun, I am feeling a little panicy. I am not one who likes to be hungry. I am going to need some at work snacks. I'm taking suggestions.

Okay, I wanted to post something but this may be as much as my spagetti arms can handle. I'm off to watch Brothers and Sisters. Though can I mention, Brothers and Sisters and Grey's Anatomy have both become painfully unwatchable, as they rehash the exact same story lines for a third or fourth season.

How's that for some stream of consciousness. I promise a real live topic next time. Feel free to suggest one and see what I come up with!

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nirvanashot said...

New subject: "how to deal with no friends for 2 months because I went on a whacky ass diet that basically calls out that I should starve myself"

Wait! It doesn't say that you can't eat meat. When are you going to try that. It very well could be that your body has a hankering for a nice slab o' beef. I'll share mine :)