Thursday, October 9, 2008

Is it a basketball court? Or a desk?

Basketball flooring for sale (no I didnt get the S)

My future desk, pretty huh?

With the help of some gentle nudging from some friends and acquaintances I have come up with the (possibly) brilliant idea to make a desk from an old basketball court. Well, the idea (not mine) was first to build/buy a desk for my kitchen to replace the large Ikea cabinet that is currently there. There never was a great place for the desk in my back bedroom and now that I'm wifi, I can have my computer anywhere. Then, I some how brilliantly got the idea to go to Earthwise Salvage to see what I could find that might become a desk. As I was heading off the Earthwise, I suddenly remembered that my friend Amy has a table someone made for her from a piece of Leilani Lanes (yes the bowling alley). So when I got to Earthwise and saw basketball flooring right in front of me, it seemed like fate. I'll keep you apprised on desk developments. I'm not usually so out of the box!

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