Sunday, September 7, 2014

Nepo Walk Don't Run 5K

Clearly it's been a very athletic summer, as Otto and I have just completed our second 5K!

Since the first 5K, Otto has been begging me for a second one. And, after a summer of intensive training (demonstrated above), I finally agreed it was time. So we hopped on the train and headed down to the ID. The Nepo Walk Don't Run 5K starts in the international district and proceeds for maybe five kilometers (though probably not) up the side of beacon hill, ending a couple blocks from my house (score!).  Along there way there are art exhibits and fun installations to explore. It's pretty good entertainment.

The fun started with the race numbers, they all contained nouns and you got to pick your favorite! Otto picked his very special noun. I chose 'Gristle', because I like the way it sounds.

And then, we were off.... Let's do a pictorial overview.....

There was lots of stopping!

After passing a woman sitting very still in the very hot sun holding a very small egg (not pictured - art #1) we reached some beautification under I5.

Quickly followed by a tea bag toss (pictured at top are tea bags that missed, pictured below is the toss.  The second table was cups full of water that you try to toss tea bags into. ) Silliness, but fun! (neither Otto nor I got a tea bag in a cup.)


Beautifully lady on hand made and hand painted cushions! It was about 85 degrees yesterday and we were out for over 3 hours. resting on the cushions was one of the highlights.

There was a bike circling the cushions, guy on back is in a  fat suit. Guy on front is fake!!

Jana loses her soul. I lost mine too. In case you're interested in what it looks like, it's pictured below (my sole not Jana's). Otto still has his.

I can't even describe the train ride. We rode about 10 feet and we were all crammed in the train. Otto did not like it. I got the following telegram half way through.

Egg shell waterfall + Otto! Otto found thought this was the most interesting (smelling) display!

Hearts beating in a garage.

Silver haired guy on a ladder.

Yes, all of that and more.  And a very very tired pet!  As I mentioned, it was 85 and we were out of a long time. We had some, but probably not enough water. Otto was completely destroyed at the end (actually I was too). We were both probably more tired after this than our running 5k. Good thing we had lots of training. We went from a 30 minute 5K to about 3.5 hours. The summer of hard training paid off. Nice job us!


Anonymous said...

Super Seattle super artsy fun! sc said...

super theatrical surrounding you have there! I would like to join you next time!