Friday, August 22, 2014

Spoiled Dog!

OMG!  and WTF!  I haven't blogged in forever. In fact in my SIXYEARS of blogging I think I have never gone for this long without a blog. I wish I could blame it on summer fun. Instead, I think the blame falls squarely on work nonsense, which has sucked in my brain and spit it out, making it a completely worthless mush for anything not work related.

But never fear, I am on vacation this week and have VERY weighty subjects to blog on.

For example. I just cleaned out my closet...... for my dog.

Here's the back story (since I know you're dying for the deets). Around the fourth of July, Otto decided he had to sleep in the closet. He used to have a piece of furniture that he hid under when the firework booms started, but that's gone, so the closet became his go to spot. And really, no one but the most cold hearted of folk wouldn't think Otto in the closet is the cutest thing ever.

So he was cute. I let him stay in the closet. And he never left. Every night, about 8.30 he sets off for the closet and tucks in. This means that every time I go to my closet, all the shoes are pushed to the middle of the closet and covered with fur!

Last night, my mom was staying at my house in the room with the closet. Poor Otto was beside himself. He kept breaking into the room and sneaking into the closet. (yes, he has many other places to sleep, but for some reason between 830pm and about 3 am  - when he goes back to the living room - the closet is it.).

So today, having a free minute, I decided it was time to....

a. Retrain the dog?
b. Buy him a cushy bed elsewhere?
c. Close the closet door?
d. Make the closet an otto room?

If you chose d. you're a winner!

Now Otto has his own little shoe free place to sleep. And I might even buy a special bed for the closet (sucker!).

In other exciting news, I decided these shoes are cool again. After 20 years of lugging them around, I pulled them out of the closet and polished them up!  New shoes!

In other, less exciting news, you'll note the edge of the van in the picture??? Missing it's mate. Ack!

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As it turned out - there is no unified approach to spending the rest time! The dog is extremely cute!