Sunday, April 20, 2014

Half full?

Sometimes, despite my very best efforts, that glass just forces itself to be half full.

There was a lot of bitching and moaning this morning. I was out in the yard and, okay, don't get me wrong. I love spring. April is my favorite month. And Seattle foliage is so insanely beautiful right now there aren't even words to describe it or pictures that fully capture it. But, it's also a ton of work, especially with the combination of 70 degree days followed by rain followed by 70 degree days. It is the invasive species version of heaven.

Let's make a list of the current nonsense I'm thinking about:

  1. The 110 foot long laurel hedge that I can't really do justice to and keeps creeping higher and higher. (Project Hedge)
  2. Weeds, an infinity number of weeds
  3. And because they deserve their own line, there are even more dandelions than infinity and their roots are so damn long you'll never kill them.
  4. Grass that is so happy you can SEE it growing (I kid you not)
  5. Blackberry bushes not so slowly inching their way into my garden
  6. Ivy doing it's best to race the blackberries to take over the flowers.
  7. Rodents digging trenches in my yard, plant roots AND eating my tulip bulbs
As I was toiling away, dreaming of the day I would own a condo or be rich enough (or less cheap) and hire someone, when suddenly I realized I was hearing a flutter every time I was by my rhododendron and I thought......nest.....?

Right in the middle you can just barely see the mom on her nest!)
How awesome is that!  Between that and all this......

(This tree I've been trying to capture in a photo for weeks, but it's so much better in person!)

How could anyone be grouchy?? Well, except for Otto, he's looking a little grouchy. (I may have decided he wanted me to nap next to him and that might not have been true)

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Just keep hacking away at the ivy and blackberries. Use a machete and take out the days frustrations on these invasive weeds. Worst thing about ivy? Rats!!