Sunday, July 29, 2012

Guest Blogger, Otto Von Beacon

Otto has been really excited this weekend and has something he'd like to share. Since I clearly haven't had too much to share lately, I thought I'd pass the reigns.


Yes, really excited!!!!!!!!  Whoooooo  hoooooo.. Okay, let's step back a moment, most of you who know me, probably don't think of me as somedog who gets very excited.  But DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE CITY?  OMG!! Yes O...M...G... There is a GARBAGE STRIKE. Do you know how exciting this is??!! This means that on every block in this city there are rows and rows of garbage cans and yard waste bins full (yes FULL and getting more full by the day) of tasty rotting treats just waiting for me.

And somehow no one else seems to share this excitement. Certainly not my stupid mom. Listen people, this is the best thing that has happened in the city since, since, well, probably since I found an amazingly awesome stinky rotten fish and rolled in it. My mom didn't get that one either. For that all I got was 'god you stink' (repeated ad nauseum) and then I was very rudely stuck under a hose of cold water. This time it's similar. I snuck away during some cat drama and found a nice garbage can with no lid that I am sure what left just for me. So, of course, I helped myself and made sure to take the time to roll my nose in some of the wonder. Now all I hear is, 'Euuw, why does your nose stink'. I'm sure the hose is next.

Ah, what's this? Hmm, this one's boring!

Mmm, this one's better.

Ooh, besty!
Anyhoo, big excitement hear on Beacon Hill and since I can't get mom or Daisy excited, I wanted to  share with the world. (And yes, there is plenty to share!  Come on down.) 

All my love, Otto. 


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Anonymous said...

I Always knew Otto was a closet Teamster.