Sunday, March 4, 2012

Otto's Turn

Today when I went to the pet store there was a tester area of dog 'puzzles' that Otto found very intriguing. As a result, my spoiled dog left the store with a brand new shiny 'Treat Wheel'.  The treat wheel is designed to create 'stimulating environments that encourage animals to investigate and interact with their surroundings'. Essentially, they allow the animal to 'hunt and forage for food in ways that come naturally in the wild'. (Paleo dog toys? Right up my alley!) The instructions continue, notifying me that 'as descendants of wolves, most dogs instinctively enjoy the challenge of hunting and seeking out the hidden food in our puzzle toys'. How could I resist a toy that will give Otto all the joy and satisfaction of chasing a rabbit through the woods?

Basically, it's a toy with places where you hide food. The animal then has to use their 'natural instincts' to find the food.

I'm sure you're all excited for the following pictorial story.......
Clearly, designed to mimic the natural world. 

This event did not start with the exuberant joy of a romp through the woods after a furry beast.

No, there was suspicious sniffing followed by looking at me and whining, NOT the behavior of a self respecting wolf.

What wolf would allow his natural enemy to check out his dinner?

I'm so embarrassed.

Finally, the instincts kicked in. He moved the prey to his lair....

And got busy!

That's right!

The rabbit has been slain! And Otto now has the tools necessary to survive the apocalypse.

And finally, completely gratuitous picture of daisy randomly being super cute.
Okay, and for all you non animal lovers, I already have the next blog in queue!  Come back soon!

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Anonymous said...

Love this blog. A bright blue and yellow rabbit, bringing out Otto's wolf instincts--or something. Very cool. O's grandmother