Monday, March 19, 2012

Cooking as a sport!


Tonight I embarked on a daunting, exhausting, intense physical feat. One might call it a cooking marathon.  I rushed home from work. Took the dog for a walk without dawdling. Put on my workout clothes. And got down to business.

1.5 hours later I have:

A roasted chicken
Steak - slightly too rare in the middle so I can cook it up a bit when I make breakfast
A batch of chicken liver pâté
Roasted yams with cumin and cinnamon
Roasted carrots also with cumin and cinnamon (why skimp on a good thing)
A chicken carcass waiting in the fridge to become broth (tomorrow's recovery workout)
And one very full belly
(also a satisfied dog and cat. Daisy got a few chicken livers and Otto, who turns his nose up at c. Livers, got random and assorted nibblies.)

When one eats as I do, it's essential to be prepared. If I don't have the appropriate food at work it's not like I can just pop down to Starbucks. if I forget lunch or don't have the right food to bring. Well, it's best to avoid me when that happens. And eating this way takes preparation time. So if I don't have pre cooked food at home. Dinner can take forever. So about once a week I have one of these culinary adventures.

And of course culinary extreme sports go hand in hand with the kitchen cleaning

3 roasting pants (one full of baked chicken juice)
Two skillets
Cutting boards
Large pot
Untold numbers of various and sundry cups and cooking utensils.

Whoo. I need a bit of a stretch and a cool down before bed. And won't I feel virtuous tomorrow when I wake up to lots of tasty food AND a clean kitchen too boot!

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