Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cute Kids!

I am quite possibly the cutest child ever, and even cuter in a cape!

Uhm, no I'm the cutest child.

Many of my friends who have blogs are able to depend on the cuteness of their children when fascinating blog topics run dry. In fact, in many cases capturing every moment of cuteness is the sole purpose for the blogs existence, as loved ones who live afar need to track all stages of growth. As you well know, sometimes I try to fall back on Otto when I'm desperate, but quite frankly, I'm really the only one who is very enthralled by blogs that are solely Otto (so sad). But, last weekend, I got to hang out with the insanely cute and sweet Erbeck kids, so I am going to take full advantage of this opportunity and make this the cute kid blog. (It's either that or whine about the aphids who are devouring my broccoli and moving onto my kale!)

It seems that life gets much more fun when you put a cape on, who knew?

It also seems that when wearing a cape, it's important to reach out your arm and point, imparting a spell on the one being pointed at, I'm sure!

Hey, what about me???

Yes, Otto was forgotten. Hiding in the closet in an effort to escape sure death from fireworks, Otto was out of site and out of mind, poor guy. No cape wearing or fighting for cuteness points.


tracy said...

oh my kids had a blast with you and your mom! hood canal is a big hit with the erbeck clan. we hope to get invited back some day....(howz that for a hint)

Jay said...

Thank you for the post. In dog years I am 455 and I still do not like fireworks. Grandpa Erbeck p.s. I hope you don't mind but I added your blog to my list.