Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cricket Saturdays

Every year it surprises me, but there is cricket in Seattle. There is a Samoan cricket league and every summer they play cricket up at the Beacon Hill Community Center. Every Saturday there is a series of games - men, women kids. And all week long they have practice every night. Even after walking by them multiple times per week for five years, I don't understand the game at all. Here's what I know. There is a lot of throwing to someone holding a battish thing. Lots of attempting to hit (it looks like it should be easy, but maybe not so much). An occasional hit. An even more occasional run (hitting doesn't seem to automatically equal run). And a very occasional catch. All genders wear skirts. They are not small people.

I'm not sure how many Samoans live in Seattle, but I'm guessing a good percentage of them come out every weekend it's pretty cool. Though really hard to capture in picture.

In other news, for you sizzling hot midwest and east cost suckers, it's amazingly awesomely perfect here today - high 70s and slightly breezy. However, so you don't get too jealous, it was 55 all week. I woke up every morning listened to news of the heat wave on the radio then my confused brain remembered to don my fleece pants, long sleeve wool shirt and fleece jacket to ride into work. I am pretty sure the weather has become the number 1 and possibly ONLY topic of conversation in this city!

That's all I've got today. Well, except for some cuteness, Otto and Daisy enjoying the day!

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