Thursday, June 23, 2011

Brown Shoes

I'm strictly a black shoe kind of a gal. In fact, I'll step back a bit and mention that I am pretty fond of black clothes as well. It's not that I'm scared of color, but I like to balance out my color with black. I can wear a colorful skirt, but it will almost always be balanced by a black top. Color on color makes me nervous. And so for shoes, black always seems the safe choice. It goes with everything and I always feel like there is slightly less chance that black shoes will spend their life hiding in my closet (ie I might actually wear them).

When I saw the above pictured boots, I fell in love. I promptly tried them on and equally as promptly asked if they came in black. They did, but they were sold out. So I did not buy the boots. Weeks went by and I kept thinking about the boots and how perfectly they would fit into my wardrobe. I planned my outfits and then was sad the boots couldn't contribute. I tried to find black ones online for a reasonable price. Finally, I threw caution to the winds and decide to BUY THEM IN BROWN!! And guess what, I love them. They go with everything, even black and they have become the perfect addition to my wardrobe.

But then summer came around. Well let me just stop right here and say that summer has not really come to Seattle in any shape or form, but it is sort of warm enough to no longer want to be wearing boots with cashmere socks. And suddenly I realized that without a brown summer shoe to wear, my life was not complete. I needed a summer version of the brown boot. And voila, my new brown wedges, again the perfect wardrobe addition that goes with everything!

Who said I can't be flexible.

More photos from the photo shoot.

Daisy practices her model walk, she's got the tail down.

Otto ruins a shot, hey buddy, we're on a tight budget.

Daisy's working on her lean, sultry model look. Otto practices the look away.


Anonymous said...

Daisy looks very "Zoolander"!!

To Blog or Not to Blog said...

OMG Totally Zoolander! Maybe she's been watching it while I'm at work.