Tuesday, November 9, 2010

All About Daisy

I'm cute!

One might forget such things from reading my blog, but there are two pets in my household. Otto, of course, is insanely cute and it's very hard to stop photoing and exhibiting him regularly (and clearly hard to not speak of him, as this is Daisy's blog and I have only discussed Otto so far). Moving on, Daisy, is the cat. She's been around much longer than Otto - 10 instead of 5 years. And she's pretty cute herself, in a cat kind of a way.

For some reason, lately, she's been upping the cute ante by squirreling herself in cupboards and drawers! I thought I should share so she doesn't feel left out.

">Mmmm, bleach and Bon Ami!

Comfy shirts!

Okay, enough with the camera already! I'll just go elsewhere.

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