Thursday, November 25, 2010

Canine vs Feline, part 2

In honor of Thanksgiving, I give you part two of the dog vs cat contest. Dogs are not winning this contest! Today Otto got all mopey because he is invited to a party this afternoon so I had to give him a bath. Post bath, he has insisted on going outside where he is sitting in the snow, wet, whining, and staring at the door. Daisy, well she isn't going to a party so she didn't have a bath but a. she doesn't need one b. staying home should make her extra mopey. But she is curled up in, cozy as a clam, the comforter and sleeping bag I have been sleeping in all week.

God my life sucks!

Mmmmmm, perfect, warm and cozy!

Me, I'm somewhere in the middle. My life is warm and cozy. There is really nothing wrong with it and have I a ton to be grateful for. And still, I do some sitting out in the cold whining. I think it's time to be more cat like - with a little crossfit and making sure I take those challenges thrown in.

Happy thanksgiving!

1 comment:

heather v keeling said...

despite these examples, i am still firmly on "team dog!" seeing your handsome boy in the snow makes me miss my snow loving mutt!
hope you had a nice thanksgiving. xo!