Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Ink

Man, I am going to lose my fan base if I don't get a little more consistent with this blogging stuff. I'm in an 'over thinking it' phase - much like Hamlet, I'm all thought and no action at the moment.

So, I should dive right in and share some pictures of my new tattoo - even though it isn't finished (needs color) and is currently a scabby mess. I have wanted another tattoo for years. And I have wanted a tattoo on my forearm for years and finally decided I needed to just combine those two wants and get it over with.

Tattoos and forearms. It's one thing to want a tattoo on your forearm and think they look really great on other people. And even think they look great on you. It's another thing to suddenly have thick black lines on your arm, on a very visible part of your arm. I spent the first week staring at my tattoo (it was usually uncovered because it was healing and not happy with clothing on top of it). I would sit at work and just stare at this strangeness that was now my arm. And don't get me wrong. I love my new tattoo. It was just very present.

The other issue with tattoos and forearms, especially new tattoos and forearms, is that they are big conversation topics. I have gotten four tattoos now and until this one, I have never had anyone ask me what does it mean? Or, why did I get it? I wasn't really prepared for the questions. This tattoo has a couple meanings, most of which are pretty personal and I feel funny sharing. But, I guess I will share this, for me it's really a reminder that I am just continuing to get better and stronger as I age. And also, now that I'm almost really old, I have decided that if I want a tattoo on my forearm, there is no reason I shouldn't have one!

NO it is NOT a dove.

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heather v keeling said...

oh congrats! can't wait to see the finished product!