Monday, December 7, 2009

Once Bitten Twice Shy

So all of you know, either by living it or hearing about it endlessly, that last year Seattle had a bit of a smattering of snow. In fact, enough of a smattering that our city was virtually shut down for about 10 long cold days. Now, Seattlelites were a bit freaky when it comes to snow even before last year - please refer to previous blog 'Seattlelites and Snow parts 1 and 2' for some entertaining re-reading as well as a full description of us northwesterners and all our snow phobias. But, since last year, we've gone a bit overboard.

This weekend I went up to our cabin on Hood Canal. ( Some how an angelic version of myself took control of my body causing me to head up to the canal twice in three weeks to take care of issues for my mom. We're all waiting for the real me to return). It was cold. Cold and windy. But on Saturday night with the heat on and a fire crackling it didn't seem to bad. So, imagine my surprise when out of the blue someone decided we needed to head to The Udder Room. Now, when I am at the cabin there really isn't any going out and socializing. Belfair is not exactly a hopping night spot. So, heading out to The Udder Room in 25 degree weather wasn't really my first choice, but off we headed.

The Udder Room is an unfortunately named dive bar attached to a diner/antique store just outside of Belfair. And, it seems that they have a singer song writer night the first Saturday of every month. And, guess what, it's even semi entertaining. We arrived to hear the last couple songs by two blond women who reminded me of the Dixie Chicks - probably for no other reason than they were blond. And they were pretty good. Then we heard an older rather craggly gentleman with lots of gray hair and dark glasses. Not bad either. Next up was rumored to be craggly man's daughter. She was very smiley with lots of nice teeth - rather at odds with the heart break of which she sang.

So here we were enjoying the music, rubbing elbows with the Belfair elite, when suddenly someone walked in and said 'it's snowing'. Before you could say 'Udder Room' half the bar patrons were gone. Literally, I turned around and the place was half empty. But a few of us hardy soles persevered. I went out to check the snow and there were some flakes flying around, but it wasn't really snowing. Then about 15 minutes later the same guy came in and said 'it's snowing and it's sticking'. Well, that was more than anyone could take. Not only did the entire bar clear out, the owner shut the place down - saying everyone had better get home while they could.

Now, I'm the biggest snow freak of them all. I don't drive in the snow. I get really worried if it might possibly snow and I have to be somewhere. But, this was not snow. I could drive in this. There was nothing on the roads and only a fraction of an inch of snow on the dirt. But as Great White would say .....'Said my my my, I'm once bitten twice shy babe'.

One of the Dixie Chicks with very cool handle bar mustache man in the background.

Back of craggly man's head.

A rare toothless picture of smiley lady.

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