Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh what to blog

I was going to blog today. I had what I thought was a fairly brilliant blog, but it turns out I had a fact or two wrong. As a result, the wit of the blog dissipated instantly. Leaving me with no blog. I'm not sure how this blog creative process works. There will be nothing nothing nothing, then suddenly a brilliant blog pops into my head. Okay, frequently it's not brilliant, merely mildly entertaining. But, it can't be forced. I'm not quite sure how professional columnists do it. Daily they have to come up with something people will want to read. Something good enough that someone will pay them to write. What happens when they have nothing to write about?

So, what can I write about today. There is the handmade sign I have been thinking about lately, I pass it daily as I walk my dog. 'Happy 2009th, Jesus'. It kind of makes me stop and think for some reason, such a strange way of saying Merry Christmas, though really in technical language exactly the same with an age connotation added. This particular blog fragment would be aided with a picture, but alas, I am 43 days from my new iphone. I still have the 2006 ebay blackberry with no picture taking capabilities.

I could talk about my new hair style. That I might even be able illustrate. I think it's kind of cute and sassy and works quite well when crossfitting! People have exclaimed twice that I look 'cute'. I don't get 'cute' much (except maybe from my mother), so it's rather exciting.

Dead cute!

But, I may not have much else to discuss. So I'll leave you with a few pictures.

Here's what you do when you decide the imac lens makes you look old and fish eyed.

Me and Daisy with a kinder photo booth effect.

Me and Daisy, XRAY version!

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Anonymous said...

You are like Seinfeld. You can make something funny out of nothing!