Monday, September 28, 2009

Fight Gone Bad

Pre (notice beige office park background).

I know I have blogged about Fight Gone Bad in the past. It's a fairly hardcore crossfit workout - three rounds of five exercises. Each exercise performed for a minute each. There is a minute rest between the five minute sets. Usually the first minute is pretty easy, but the next 16 (including the rest minutes) are pure pain. This was kind of a Fight Gone Bad event. Various crossfit affiliates around the country were having big FGB workouts to raise money for various causes. So I went to the eastside and experienced the pain with others in a beige industrial park . I thought you might enjoy some pictures of my pain. I do realize this is possible more pictures of my pain than anyone really wants, but whatever, my blog!

I guess the real question that one might ponder is 'why is this fun'? The entire 24 hours (maybe 48) before this event I was stressed out and couldn't sleep. Clearly, I was in pain the entire time. Yet when I finished, I was ready to go again. Hmm? In fact the motto for Crossfit Eastside is 'get some, go again', so clearly I'm not alone........

About to start the first round, looking very confident and serene.

Third exercise, first round.

Maybe the pain wasn't too bad at this point?

2nd or third round - too much arm, not enough hip.

It's easier with your eyes closed.

Usually I can box jump, that day I had no legs.

Somewhere deep in round two my shoelace came untied and left me very distracted!

The hard part with FGB is that you know if you rest, the time will
keep going and you'll have to do less work, but, of course, that's not the point.

Third round, god I look miserable.

This bar was not that heavy!

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