Monday, September 15, 2008


So, on Friday night I attended a party thrown by my neighbor. At said party I met another, newer, neighbor by the name of Sav. Sav informed me that he would always remember my name because it was the name of his favorite Billy Joel song. (Okay, Sav walked right by me two days later and when I said hi, there didn't even seem to be the slightest bit of recognition in his eyes, but if he remembered me, I'm sure he'd remember my name).

Anyhow, I digress. Billy Joel's album Streetlife Serenade came out in 1974. On it there is a song called Roberta. Now how is it I've never heard of this song? You'd think sometime in the last 34 years (good god) someone would have mentioned that there was a song floating around with my name in the title!

Now, perhaps it's not quite on the level of some name songs such as Suzanne by Leonard Cohen. That song is a masterpiece and rumor has it that is how my sister got her name. And perhaps no one would ever chose Roberta as a love song with which to woo me (it is actually about a, well shall we say, lady of the evening). But it's a very pretty song. And Sav (who seems to know quite a bit about Billy Joel, having won his lady over with two Billy Joel albums and a zebra striped water bed) considers it one of his personal favorites.

I had to go out and buy Streetlife Serenade and now I can have Billy Joel woo me 24/7. I'm very happy with my song. I even like the fact that it makes me a little, uhm, risky? Thanks Sav

Any other songs I need to know about?

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nirvanashot said...

Other about detachable penis by King Missile. Now there's a romantic song ;)