Friday, October 18, 2013

Yes, blog.

I know, I know. It's been far to long since I've blogged. And I promise a real blog this weekend. However, just to get you ready (it's best to ease in after a long fast), a few cute pictures!!

In reality, we've all been mourning the disappearance of summer and the loss of warm. Otto stands around whining and asks to go out. Then I let him out and he sits in the yard staring at the door, giving me the evil eye, as if I was the one who took the sun away. Without sun, he doesn't relax.

I'd like to go out please!
(he will look at me like this all winter long!)

What the &&%%$# did you do with the sun?
Last weekend, there was a brief resurgence of summer! And we all rejoiced!

There was a party on the porch!!

And then we went inside to sleep it off. Otto squeezed as much of his body as he could in a sun beam. Daisy, small enough to take full advantage of the beam took a bath.

Pictures?  Can't you see I'm bathing here!
 And finally, there are still flowers, though they're starting to get a bit droopy! I'll leave with this dahlia, resting on the porch (not mine, dahlias and I don't seem to get along)!

Real blog tomorrow!  I promise!!

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