Sunday, August 25, 2013

Daisy's Big Adventure

*** WARNING this blog may contain way too many ridiculously cute animal photos. Proceed with caution.
Feels/looks like home.
I think it is safe to say that of the two kids, Otto is the adventurer of the family. From his homeless beginnings on an Indian reservation in Eastern WA, to his hiking adventures through the Rockies last year Otto has seen it all (or close)!  Daisy, however, doesn't get out much. I rescued her from PAWS (85th and Greenwood) drove her to the old MLK house where she stayed put until 2005. Then she drove straight to Beacon Hill where she has spent every night since. She's a homebody, really.

Usually when I go out of town for the weekend, I stick a bunch of food in bowl, tell her to try not to eat it all in the first hour, and head out, leaving her by herself for x number of days. If I go for longer, I'll have someone stop by every day or two to give her some food and some love (It's usually fine, except one time when raccoons broke into the house and terrified the poor thing - I didn't see her for days when I got back). Anyhow, now Daisy has a thyroid condition that requires pills twice a day. So, when I headed up to Hood Canal for three days, I thought maybe I would see what bringing her looked like. (I tried the same thing in July, but she caught wind of it and disappeared so completely I had to leave her at home at the last minute.).

We loaded up the car with cat food, cat litter and a cat, and headed out for the big adventure. And aside from the car trip and the first few terrifying hours at the cabin, I think she kind of liked it. In a little extra adventure, I carried her to the end of the yard to look at the canal a couple times. It's a little strange to think that Daisy has NEVER seen a large body of water. She found it a little terrifying and scratched herself out of my arms and ran quickly back to the cabin both times. Anyhow, some pictures of the weekend and Daisy's wild adventure!

Daisy loved the car ride!
The car trip was better than I thought it would be. I took the ferry on the way up and opened the box so she could see out. She stayed in the box and it all worked out. On the way home, I drove around. Again, I opened the box. She stayed in and/or peer out for about 60 miles when she decided to come on out and see what was going on. I think where she really wanted to be was by my feet. Since that wasn't an option, I became the crazy cat lady I am not even verging on being and held her in my lap for 20 miles or so.
Hiding in the bedroom in the first couple hours.


Exploring x 2 
Hmm, maybe not so bad.

Mostly to torture my mom, I placed Daisy on various tables whenever possible. My mom was not impressed or amused.

An exciting trip out to the car port.
And back.
Windows with good views. 
Cosy places to sleep. I could live like this.
 In other exciting weekend news!
We picked black berries on the side of the road (Daisy did not join).

We looked really cute. 
We went to a farmer's market with very few farmers.
We ran into some Seahawks fans at the Belfair fun walk (Humane society fundraiser).
AND, we lay on our bed and watched the sun set.

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