Sunday, November 27, 2011

Things That Drive Me Crazy About Myself, part ??

Baggies!!!!!  OMG so many baggies!

Today I am going to do a little adventure cooking. It involves an Indian spice called Josh Rogan which in turn is really a mixture of about 10 different spices. So I made a list and headed off to my spice cabinet to see what I had and what I needed to buy.

And then all hell broke loose. Okay, here is where a picture is worth about 1000 words. The picture that I did not take (because I was not thinking blog when I embarked on this adventure) would have shown 30-40 baggies full of small amount of spices shoved into my spice cabinet. Yes, shoved, because there were so many that any placement action less than shoving would have resulted in falling baggies.  The entire shelf was baggies.

Let me step back for a minute and share that years ago (10 or so) my mom recognized this problem and bought my a spice rack with lots of jar and labels just ready for my bulk spices to inhabit. The jars are set up, labeled and ready to go. But WHAT DO I DO?????  I buy baggies of spice and don't take the 2 seconds to put them in their jar. Then, for example, a year later on thanksgiving, I bring home 4 new baggies of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves and add them to the pile.  Why do I do this when I already own all these spices??  Because the ones I already own are on the bottom of the pile of baggies and who wants to take the time to dig through it all.


So, today I just spend 15 minutes or so (YES THAT'S ALL IT TOOK), emptying the baggies into their proper jar and organizing.  I will give myself a slight pat on the back and mention that all the baggies except one or two WERE LABELED!  Yes, that is a lesson I learned because back in the day who would have taken the time to write the spice on the baggy.  I will also give myself a second pat on the back (woo, my arm is getting tired!) and mention that today I threw away the spices in the unlabeled bags (my tendency is to keep them because who knows when I'll need them, even though I have no idea what they are).

After. Ack, what's that baggy there in the back!

Okay, final baggy gone. Phew! I need a nap.



Anonymous said...

Think how happy it makes me, your mom, to know that years later my gift was just the ticket! I am very impressed with your discipline -- throwing away the little baggies which were not marked. Now, unless you have empty jars remaining still awaiting a spice, all you have to do now is to cook using only those spices you already have.

Anonymous said...

Nice work. (Maybe wipe down the tops...) I see a container that I gave you tea in for xmas many years ago -- nice to see that it lives on and is put to work, too! I have a lingering kitchen project to re-org my plastic containers. sc