Sunday, October 2, 2011

Keeping Up (or not)

As all my regular readers will no doubt remember, almost a year ago when I got the new Iphone 4, great amounts of stress were undergone when I had to upgrade the operating system on my computer - Since then my computer has been slow and I promised myself that next spring I can upgrade and get a new computer.

Then on Friday I get a call - out of the blue - from my internet company and a nice electronic lady tells me that my modem is really old (that would be 6 years old, since that is when I moved and got hooked up) and that it's probably effecting my service and internet speeds. Oh my. Things I have never ever thought about or considered. Maybe my modem is making my computer slow, not my computer?

So for the last hour I have spent my valuable time pouring over Amazon reviews of two modems from the same company (one a slightly newer version than the other). Mind you these two modems are virtually exactly the same, both are considerably newer and more advanced than my current modem, and I haven't given any thought to any modem ever before in my life. And suddenly I'm reading reviews to try to decide which of two virtually identical modems I should buy.  Goodness!

Anyhow, after way too much time, I decided and a new modem is on it's way promising me lightning quick computing speed. Hopefully, not so lightning quick that I will decide a new computer is not necessary.  

But me being me, now I start to worry. What about my wireless device?  Is that now too slow?  Too old?  What else needs upgrading?


(By the way, update to last week's post, homemade coconut milk yogurt is the best thing EVER!  

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