Saturday, September 24, 2011

Double dipping is just rude!

An expert concerned about the double dip.

Well, much to the excitement of all of you, today we are going to be talking recession!  I seem to have some confusion I need to work through. I spend time listening to NPR and trying to stay up on world affairs. And everything sounds terrible. But are we in a recession?

Here's what the news tells me. Every time NPR mentions recession, they quickly pull out an expert. This expert always has one of three opinions.
  1. We are already in a recession (Yes, the dreaded DOUBLE DIP is always mentionned!)
  2. We are not currently in a recession, but we're our the way there (NO, don't DOUBLE DIP).
  3. Things are bad, but we'll pull out. (This is the one I always tend to believe.)
So that's the 'truth' according to the experts. But, as you can see, it doesn't actually tell me anything.

Here's my layman's view point. Every time I go out to eat in Seattle I am amazed by the number of people out spending lots of money.  Restaurants that I consider expensive are packed.  In fact they are so packed that for the first time in my forty plus (ack) years in Seattle reservations are required.  I kid you not. I have never worried about reservations in Seattle, but suddenly you need them or you're not eating. And I'm not necessarily talking a Friday or Saturday night, these places are packed all week!  Does this sound like a recession?

So then I think, maybe Seattle is just lucky. But, I work for a large national retailer and sales are great.  Sales are great not just in Seattle, but all over the country. Again, confusion.

So, I don't know the answer. But I've been thinking about it a bit lately. If you listen to the news, we should all be saving our pennies and stocking up on ramen. But in life, well it's just regular life.  So, double dip?  Will the 2008 crisis be back soon?  Or maybe I should just go spend some money and help the US avert the worst. But, I am pretty sure, if I hear the expression Double Dip on more time, I just might scream.       


Anonymous said...

It’s kind of scary when you realize that much of the financial world is based purely on human emotion. Add to this a media that loves to report doom and gloom, and I sometimes wonder if we’ll ever return to “good” economic times. At least for now, I’m convinced the Republican party will do all they can to keep the status-quo in an attempt to keep Obama from being re-elected. Once again you’ve me think and made me laugh! And I promise never to utter the words “double dip” again…

tracy said...

roberta, i am doing my part to keep the economy rolling. i've taken on this personal task since i started earning a paycheck, and i don't aim to stop anytime soon.