Sunday, August 28, 2011


For today's blog, a poll.

As I've mentioned before, when I first got Otto he was a sad, sad dog. He'd been abused. He was scared of my back bedroom and his own shadow. And he had no idea how to relax and/or enjoy life. All he wanted to do in those early days was lie on the couch. And he was so sad and pathetic, well, who was I to deny him his one pleasure. So, the couch became his home. In my house it is perpetually covered with a sheet and dog hair. I never sit on it!

I'm new and scared!

Lying on my dog bed makes me very unhappy (even when I'm surrounded by toys)!

Ahh, much better.

So, at our cabin we have a bit of an issue. Otto really wants to sleep on the comfy new futon, but it has a light colored cover and my mom, for some strange reason, doesn't want him on the futon. So, the result is that Otto sneaks on the futon and then gets confused when he gets yelled at. It's very sad.

Well, my mom just got a new chair for the cabin and it came complete with an ottoman. Yes, an OTTOman. If that isn't a piece of furniture with his name all over it, I don't know what is.

Unfortunately, and very tragically, my mom doesn't agree. Poor dog!

Please vote, Otto on the Ottoman, yes or no?


Anonymous said...

Oh hells yes! To deny Otto this simple and righful pleasure would just be cruel! All hail Otto, king of the Ottoman Empire...

Anonymous said...

I have to vote NO. The chair and Ottoman (yes, I agree, the name is suggestive) were a gift from a friend. In addition to his getting it dirty (see hair coverage above), I'm sure it would be too small for him. Some dogs actually sleep on the floor. Hows about he tries that!

Otto Von Beacon said...

Yes, it's a bit small, but i'll make due!!!!!